At Health & Home, we take every opportunity to pull inspiration from nature. The planet that we all call home is effortlessly picturesque. The colors and aesthetics of nature are perfect by design; they are the original classic, and they’ll never go out of style. What’s more is that, by capturing and imitating the Earth’s natural beauty, we can even influence our moods, heal our bodies and minds, and evoke particular feelings and behaviors within ourselves. 

Throughout our website, we’ve intentionally chosen different nature-themed visuals on each page to arouse certain psychological responses. As you navigate our pages, take the time to be present within your mind and draw attention to how each page makes you feel. The purpose of this is to demonstrate how making intentional design choices rooted in biology and psychology can have a profound impact. You can click to expand the side tabs on each page to discover the science behind what we’ve chosen.

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The color blue is a natural wonder, because it is both calming and psychologically rejuvenating. It makes us feel more calm, peaceful, and serene. It is a color that represents trust. You’ll notice this beautiful blue sky also contains fluffy, white clouds passing by. Cloud gazing allows for moments of mindfulness and contemplation. While watching the clouds is simply fun and enjoyable, it also has a positive impact on our emotional wellbeing. It stimulates creativity and observation skills. These are all reasons that we chose this visual for our “blog” page – we hope that, as you browse our blog posts and other media, that you’ll feel creatively stimulated while taking in, observing, and contemplating any new information you might learn. We know that some of the information in our blogs can be overwhelming (such as learning about toxin exposure) so we hope that the clouds and blue skies will bring some calm and serenity back into the mix.

Health and Home

Health & Home is an interior design-based business that seeks to help others create healthy homes through minimizing toxins, optimizing design and maximizing health. We do so by addressing the build of the home, the design of the space, the decor and even the products used in the home, so our clients can live their healthiest life!

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