I am an interior designer, speaker, advocate, content creator, and podcast host and the CEO and Founder of Health & Home, a revolutionary interior design business that creates beautiful, functional spaces that also support better health.

After becoming chronically ill, I began investigating the factors that could have contributed to such a severe and sudden onset. In the process, I learned something I hadn’t learned in interior design school. The design of a space, and what you put in it, can have a powerful impact on your health – for better or worse.

This motivated me to continue studying the correlation between health and the interior environment during graduate school and various certificate courses. It became abundantly clear that this was an issue, and it wasn’t being addressed.

Subsequently, I developed my approach.

Minimize Toxins + Optimize Design = Maximize Health

This approach ensures that chemicals in the home environment are minimized by replacing unsafe products that can cause disease. The next step is optimizing the design of the space so that it intentionally and naturally supports a healthy lifestyle. When these two methods are used cooperatively in the home, it becomes possible to truly maximize the health of those living there.

This all finally led to the creation of Health & Home, as well as the Health & Home podcast and YouTube channel. I began public speaking in an effort to create more awareness about these topics, and to help others create healthy environments for themselves and their loved ones in an easy, accessible way.

From design students to medical professionals, to any person who lives in a place they call “home” and wants to prevent disease and optimize their health – my talks are engaging, informative, empowering, and may even be life-changing.


Certificate in Chemicals & Health
Certificate in Environmental Health
Certificate in Environmental Law & Policy
Masters in Interior Design
Certificate in Interior Decorating
Bachelor’s in Interior Design

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How Interior Design Can Determine Your Health

According to the NIEHS, 85% of all disease is influenced by environmental factors. Since we spend so much of our time indoors, this means that our home environments – from the build of the structure to the design of the space, to the products we use every day – can have a significant impact on our physical and mental health. We’ll break down and walk through those impacts together, discussing the influence that interior design has on disease, mood, habits, lifestyle, and health.

Minimizing Toxins & Optimizing Design To Maximize Health: A New Approach To Interior Design

The innovative and comprehensive approach of Health & Home is this: Minimize Toxins + Optimize Design = Maximize Health. This approach eliminates chemicals in the home as much as possible by addressing the materials that it’s built, designed, decorated, and filled with. Once unsafe products have been replaced with safer, non-toxic alternatives, the space is redesigned in a way that intentionally and naturally supports a healthy lifestyle. When these two methods are used cooperatively, it becomes possible to truly maximize health.

Interior Design: We’re Doing It Wrong

Interior design can – and should – be much more than creating aesthetically pleasing spaces. As interior designers, we don’t often stop to think about how our work has the ability to change lives. We have the power to alter the course of a person’s life, and to truly help and support them on a path to reaching their goals and achieving better physical and mental health. Interior design isn’t often seen as one of those jobs where the purpose is to help people – but now is the time to change that.

Custom Presentation

Have a specific talk idea in mind? Great! At Health & Home, Haley is all about meeting people where they are and making the best-personalized plan to help get them closer to achieving their goals through design – her presentations are no different. If you have a topic you want a presentation on, she will work with you to figure out how to create the best presentation to support your audience!

A Personal Note To You

As someone who has studied interior design at a certificate, diploma, bachelor’s, and master’s level, I never once learned about the impact of interior design on health. Knowing what I know now, I wish that there had been someone who had introduced and taught these concepts to help make myself, other designers, doctors, and just everyday people aware of this topic. 

Whether it’s talking about free ways to minimize toxins in the home or ways you can optimize the space to maximize health, I am here to pass on what I have learned to others so that together we can all do our part to help change the standards of care in the industry, our own homes and change the system to better health outcomes for all people.

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If this is an out-of- town engagement, I will generally arrive the day before the presentation. If it is virtual – I will be available to you up to 2 hours prior to the event for anything you may need. This allows for early sound check on the day of the event as well as adequate time to go over any other elements of event production to ensure success!


In general, I’m available globally! There may be special considerations due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, such as travel restrictions, but that is something we can discuss when we connect!

Absolutely! Any of my presentations, or custom talks, can be delivered virtually!

As the needs of each event are unique, please fill out the inquiry form and we will be in contact. We’ll determine the correct price based on the event.

Yes, certain types of events are eligible for volunteer public speaking. This will be something we talk about when we have our first meeting!


At Health & Home, we take every opportunity to pull inspiration from nature. The planet that we all call home is effortlessly picturesque. The colors and aesthetics of nature are perfect by design; they are the original classic, and they’ll never go out of style. What’s more is that, by capturing and imitating the Earth’s natural beauty, we can even influence our moods, heal our bodies and minds, and evoke particular feelings and behaviors within ourselves. 

Throughout our website, we’ve intentionally chosen different nature-themed visuals on each page to arouse certain psychological responses. As you navigate our pages, take the time to be present within your mind and draw attention to how each page makes you feel. The purpose of this is to demonstrate how making intentional design choices rooted in biology and psychology can have a profound impact. You can click to expand the side tabs on each page to discover the science behind what we’ve chosen.

Copy of Untitled Design - 2022-09-01T001213.955Copy of Untitled Design - 2022-09-01T001440.831

The color green symbolizes growth, renewal, and new beginnings. It is the most abundant color in nature, and thought to be the most soothing and relaxing color. Cognitively, the color green enhances stability, endurance, problem-solving, and focus. It even improves memory – we’re more likely to remember words written in green! It motivates us to persist and pursue our goals. Viewing greenery in nature, such as trees and forests, has been shown to have lots of benefits, including reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and improving self-discipline, attention, and work performance. This is why we intentionally chose this theme for our “learn” page, which includes e-courses and educational materials. It’s also why it would make a smart choice for a home office or study.

Health and Home

Health & Home is an interior design-based business that seeks to help others create healthy homes through minimizing toxins, optimizing design and maximizing health. We do so by addressing the build of the home, the design of the space, the decor and even the products used in the home, so our clients can live their healthiest life!

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