At Health & Home, our first step in creating a healthier space is minimizing toxins in the home. This can be in any stage from building materials, design, decor and products. It can be a really difficult step though as chemicals aren’t regulated and labeled in ways that put our health first. We believe this can and should change in every industry.

When it comes to issues such as chemicals and health, we have to advocate for the change we want to see in the world. We can do this by helping to create and support legislation, sharing our stories, donating and much more. It can be hard to figure out how to help make a difference when problems like chemical regulation can feel so big. These chemical & health advocacy groups linked below, provide easy ways to get involved in creating change and a healthier, safer world.

Together, let’s advocate for better!

The EWG Healthy Living Home Guides are a round-up of guides produced by the EWG to help you create a healthier space! The guides range from paint to furniture to nurseries and are a great resource!

The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics is a national science-based advocacy organization working to prevent breast cancer by eliminating environmental exposures linked to it and other diseases.

Made Safe is the only human health and ecosystem-focused product certification program. They help people find healthier & safer items by certifying items that meet their safety criteria.


Environmental Defence is a leading Canadian environmental advocacy organization that works with the government, industry, and individuals to defend clean water, a safe climate, and healthy communities.


The Center for Environmental Health creates programs that protect and manage food, drug, medical device, and radiation sources, regulate medical waste, low-level radioactive waste and more. 


Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families is a national leader in environmental health research and advocacy. They support strong laws and corporate responsibility to protect the health of all people and the planet. 


The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization nonprofit organization is dedicated to preventing asbestos-related diseases through education, advocacy, and community.

Breast Cancer Prevention Partners

The Breast Cancer Prevention Partners is a science-based advocacy organization that works to eliminate our exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation linked to disease.


Greenpeace is an international organization that campaigns actively, but non-violently for the conservation of the environment and the preservation of endangered species.

Breast Cancer Action

Breast Cancer Action is a U.S.-based grassroots education and activist organization driven by and supporting people living with breast cancer by supporting & sharing healthy resources as well as advocating for change.


The Natural Resources Defense Council is a non-profit international environmental advocacy group that works to ensure the rights of all people and to prevent special interests from undermining public interests.

Silent Spring Institute Logo

The Silent Spring Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to studying and reporting primarily on breast cancer prevention, although its research and actions work to cover other health-related topics as well.

Turning Green Logo

Turning Green is a global movement devoted to cultivating a healthy, just, planet through education and advocacy around climate justice, environmental sustainability, public health and safety.

WVE Logo

The Women’s Voices for the Earth is a feminist, women-led, environmental organization that specializes in research and advocacy regarding toxic chemicals used in products that impact women.

DSF Logo

The David Suzuki Foundation is a science-based non-profit environmental organization that through research, education and policy analysis, works to conserve and protect the natural environment.

The Mom’s Clean Air Force is an organization created to protect children from air pollution and climate change. They work to create a safe, stable, and equitable future where all children breathe clean air.


At Health & Home, we take every opportunity to pull inspiration from nature. The planet that we all call home is effortlessly picturesque. The colors and aesthetics of nature are perfect by design; they are the original classic, and they’ll never go out of style. What’s more is that, by capturing and imitating the Earth’s natural beauty, we can even influence our moods, heal our bodies and minds, and evoke particular feelings and behaviors within ourselves. 

Throughout our website, we’ve intentionally chosen different nature-themed visuals on each page to arouse certain psychological responses. As you navigate our pages, take the time to be present within your mind and draw attention to how each page makes you feel. The purpose of this is to demonstrate how making intentional design choices rooted in biology and psychology can have a profound impact. You can click to expand the side tabs on each page to discover the science behind what we’ve chosen.

Untitled design - 2022-12-08T231146.054Untitled design - 2022-12-08T231339.743


The color green here is dancing in divine elegance across a mountaintop along with its stunning, captivating partner stone blue. Green is a motivating color that symbolizes blank slates and new beginnings, and it can help push us to be persistent and pursue our goals. Stone blue is representative of the throat chakra, communication, and speaking your truth. We used these colors because, not only are they beautiful and could work in nearly any space to bring the outside in, but they also represent how we want you to feel after accessing our resources – motivated, encouraged, supported; able to speak and live your authentic truth; and inspired to help others do the same through advocacy and community. Here, the mountain itself represents a journey and a challenge. Once you overcome the challenge and successfully navigate whatever journey you might be on (like climbing a mountain perhaps), you are rewarded with breathtaking views and a sense of accomplishment. It’s no wonder that mountain living has been shown to have physical and mental health benefits galore – such as access to cleaner air, increased physical activity, lower stress levels, and improved heart health! Our “resources” page is here to help you navigate your journey with quizzes, educational materials, databases, and ways to get involved and create change through action and advocacy.

Health and Home

Health & Home is an interior design-based business that seeks to help others create healthy homes through minimizing toxins, optimizing design and maximizing health. We do so by addressing the build of the home, the design of the space, the decor and even the products used in the home, so our clients can live their healthiest life!

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