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At Health & Home, we’re all about creating a healthy home by minimizing toxins and optimizing the design to maximize your health! And you know what? The easiest way to do that is to look to nature! Research has shown time and time again that using more natural and non-toxic products as well as incorporating elements of nature into our spaces, can both have a really positive impact on your overall health & wellness!

Now, don’t worry – you don’t have to turn your family room into a forest to get those benefits! Actually, you don’t have to change your aesthetic at all if you don’t want to! No matter what your personal style may be, we can work with you to create an environment that supports your health and wellness goals. We do this by looking at nature for things like colors, textures, and sounds to determine how they can positively or negatively impact your well-being based on the latest research, and then we use that information to create a space that’s just right for you & what you want from your space!

So why are there these videos at the top of the pages? Well, we put these here to help set the tone for the page and give you a taste of how exposure to elements of nature can impact your mood, your perception, and even your physical health! Below you will find an in-depth explanation as to why we chose the video we did for the page you are on and the research that we used to decide on that. Our hope is that this can help you see how you can intentionally take this kind of research and apply it to the design of your home so you can naturally get all the amazing benefits AND have a beautiful home at the same time!


We wanted you to feel excited, energized & comfortable as you reach out to contact us! The video featured on the Connect page showcases vibrant orange flowers amidst a backdrop of lush greenery, representing connection and community in the pursuit of a healthy home. The video aims to evoke feelings of warmth, energy, and enthusiasm, emphasizing our commitment to fostering meaningful connections and relationships with you! The vibrant orange flowers symbolize the vitality and passion that comes from connecting with like-minded individuals and embracing a collective journey towards well-being.

Research suggests that the color orange is associated with social interaction, enthusiasm, and positive energy. It stimulates feelings of warmth, sociability, and excitement (Elliot & Maier, 2014; Kaya & Epps, 2004). By incorporating orange flowers in the video, we aimed to create an atmosphere of inclusivity and encouragement for anyone coming to our contact page to connect with us! The lush green backdrop represents the natural environment and signifies growth, harmony, and balance. Research has shown that exposure to green environments promotes well-being, reduces stress, and enhances feelings of connectedness to nature (Berman et al., 2008; Tyrväinen et al., 2014). By incorporating the color green and lush surroundings, we tried to emphasize the importance of connecting with the natural world as part of the journey toward a healthy home.

These elements can be applied to interior design to create a welcoming and vibrant space for connection! Incorporating orange accents or flowers can infuse a sense of energy and social engagement into a room, while integrating green elements such as plants or natural textures can create a soothing and nurturing atmosphere (Elliot & Maier, 2014; Tyrväinen et al., 2014). By incorporating these colors and elements into interior design, you can create an environment that fosters connection, community, and overall well-being!


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Health & Home is an interior design-based business that seeks to help others create healthy homes through minimizing toxins, optimizing design and maximizing health. We do so by addressing the build of the home, the design of the space, the decor and even the products used in the home, so our clients can live their healthiest life!

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