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Welcome to the health & home podcast, where we discuss the impact our homes have on health and explore practical, easy-to-implement, science-based ways to create healthy spaces. 

Here we talk about the link between toxins and health and how to mitigate these exposures in an easy and not overwhelming way. We explore ways we can optimize the design of our space to have our homes encourage the healthy lifestyles we are wanting to create. Here we are helping you one step at a time create a home that can not only help prevent disease, but encourage thriving health. 

Tune in each week to hear doctors, designers, architects, practitioners and patients come to the mic to discuss the science, tips, the latest research, real-life stories and answers to your questions to help you on your healthy home journey. Together, we will learn, grow and create healthier homes and healthier lives! 

Meet Your Host

I’m your host Haley Bowers, a healthy home interior designer who specializes in creating homes that are not only beautiful and functional, but also minimize risk for disease and support the health of those living there. 

This isn’t just a specialty of mine though, it’s also extremely personal. While I was getting my degrees in interior design, I ironically got really sick from the home environment I was staying in and after that, everything changed for me. I learned something I wasn’t taught in design school, that good interior design has the power to literally save and deeply impact people’s lives and health for the better

I’ve spent years studying health and design out of necessity and passion. Now I’m here to share all that I have learned with you as we explore ways to minimize toxins and optimize the design in our homes in order to maximize health for ourselves and our loved ones!  

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