We work to minimize the amount of toxins in the materials your house is built, designed, decorated and filled with in order to prevent short & long term illness.


We build, design, decorate and help you fill your home with products in a way that encourages healthy habits that support your short and long term health goals.


By minimizing toxins to prevent illness and optimizing design to promote healthy living, we are able to help you and your loved ones maximize your health!

Minimize toxins

At health & home, we know the impact toxins can have on health and we want to help you minimize the amount you and your family are exposed to in a simple, straightforward, science-backed, non-wasteful and affordable way.

Our approach to minimizing toxins starts with assessing your specific situation and determining your short and long term goals. Some people like to start with one category be it products, decor, design or building materials, some do a few categories, while others prefer to dive in all at once  – there is no right or wrong option, just what is right for you!

After determining your goals and approach, we take inventory of what you currently are working with and which items we may want to consider replacing with a non or less toxic option. Next, we prioritize which items are the most important and will make the biggest impact when swapped out. These bigger impact swaps are the ones we will focus on first and work from there. After that we move into the planning phase where we plan out how and when these products will be swapped. Which goes right along with our next step of knowing what your options are and being able to decide which new option is best for you if you plan to replace or change the product, decor piece, design finish or building material. Then when it comes time, you can replace the item with the new option we chose.

Lastly, we make sure you feel educated and equipped enough to continue to make choices in your product and home design decisions that will continue to minimize the amount of toxins you and your family are exposed to.











Optimize Design

After minimizing the amount of toxin exposure, we begin to turn your home into a place that not only prevents disease, but encourages health through optimizing the space for you! This means building, designing, decorating and filling your home in a way that encourages healthy habits that support your long and short term health goals.

We look at ways we can optimize your home through the lens of various important elements of health such as: air, light, fitness, social health, sleep, mental health, nutrition, water, safety, spiritual health, temperature, noise, ergonomic health and more! It’s through these areas we explore ways we can optimize your home so that just by the way it is created it is supporting your health and making it easier for you to achieve your health goals.

Our approach to optimization is similar to how we begin minimizing toxins in that we start with assessing where you are at and what your short and long term health goals and habits are. We take time to figure out the obstacles standing between you and achieving your ideal healthy living lifestyle and try to address them through design and curation of your space.

An example of this could be that your goal is to lose weight and eat healthier, but you feel like you can’t stop eating. One way we could optimize this through how we build your home would be to                     Through design we could  switch out the kitchen lighting from the typical kitchen lighting that encourages food consumption, to a light that will help you not feel the need to eat as much. We could also choose to add more windows and use certain colors in your kitchen which naturally encourage you to eat less and healthier! From a decor perspective, we could use pieces that make healthy eating and snacking accessible and encouraged through decorative non-toxic bowls of fruit, art pieces that promote health etc. From a product perspective we could swap out your kitchenware for a healthier non-toxic option that is made in a smaller size and is a color that also helps to support you naturally eating less.

No matter what your health goals are, there are so many science based hacks like these that we can implement throughout your space to make it so your home is not just a place you live, but a true tool in helping you create the healthy life you want.  














Maximize Health

Through minimizing toxins and optimizing design we are able to maximize the health of those living in the home! To us, maximizing health means that we are not only peventing disease, but are creating a home that is encouraging and suporting good health in the short and long term.

Living in a house that is made to maximize health makes a difference short term, long term and even generationally.

In the short term, you may notice improvements in a decrease in allergies or how often you are getting sick. These have to do with eliminating toxic allergens such as mold and dust that would have been addressed in the minimize toxins phase. You may also experience better focus, and more energy which can be impacted not only by the removal of toxins, but also by the way the home has been optimized to support your health goals!

In the long term, these changes you make can have a drastic impact on your health and life. From preventing disease to improving your mental and physical health – creating a healthy home is one of the best long term health investments you can make for yourself and your loved ones. 

The choice to create a healthy home and a healthy lifestyle don’t stop there though. The impact you have when you choose to live in a healthy home is also generational. This decision to create a healthy home also sets up your loved ones living with you to live the healthiest lives they can. Those habits, lifestyle choices and even their DNA will all be positively impacted and will be passed on to generations after them.